Lifeline Batteries Available From Battery Town Nationwide

29 April, 2015

Hand made in the USA, Lifeline Batteries provide premium deep cycle and engine starting AGM technology for motor homes, boats and more.

Designed and manufactured in the USA to exacting military and aviation standards, Lifeline are the pioneers and acknowledged market leaders in fully sealed, maintenance free, premium AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) battery technology for starting and house bank applications. 

Warrik Skulve, Battery Town Marketing Manager, made the announcement. “We are excited to offer this top quality AGM product through our nationwide network of marine and automotive electricians” commented Warrik “Lifeline batteries are factory fitted by the world’s leading international boat and RV builders, with a long and distinguished list of US OEM customers. Add their highly regarded military and aviation reputation, Lifeline batteries are widely acknowledged as the standard by which all other AGM products are judged”.

Lifeline batteries are expertly hand built by the Concord Battery Corporation in California. The company originally developed maintenance free fully sealed premium AGM technology for demanding military applications. The result is market leading features such as a superior cell construction with a low resistance for class leading cranking amps, rapid recharging capabilities, ultra-low self-discharge rates (only 2% per month), unmatched life-cycles (significantly more than other battery technologies) and proven reliability under demanding shock and vibration loads.