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New Battery Town Catalogue Launched

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Launched with an expanded selection of Hella Endurant batteries, the new catalogue lists comprehensive automotive, commercial, marine and deep cycle options from New Zealand’s most respected battery brand.

Battery Town now offers AGM, EFB (Enhanced Flooded) and Silver Calcium technologies to meet the demands of a growing car park including high-quality batteries for European and Japanese vehicles equipped with Stop/Start systems. All products are thoroughly researched and proven ‘fit for purpose’ in the diverse New Zealand market.  

The new catalogue provides valuable technical information on battery specification, technologies, care and maintenance, deep cycle system selection and more. Time-saving selection tables offer a complete picture of dimensions, performance figures and terminal configurations available.

A well-received addition to the latest Battery Town catalogue are sections with details information on market leading international battery brands including Lifeline, Odyssey, Optima, Motobatt and Deka.