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Battery Town has launched an range of advanced 8-Stage and 9-Stage automatic battery chargers to extend the life of AGM, Gel and flooded batteries used in 4WD’s, boats, bikes, vans, cars and light commercial vehicles.

Easy to use and offering sophisticated electronic protection, the features of each model are market leading. On power-up, The charger technology will automatically diagnose battery condition and determine if rejuvenation mode (reconditioning) or a charge cycle is required.

The chargers can be left permanently connected all year round ensuring batteries are maintained and fully charged via a special pulse charge during long term maintenance.

The patented rejuvenation mode will automatically repair batteries in poor condition, breaking down sulphation via a patented high frequency pulse. Rejuvenation mode is fully automatic and depends on the internal impedance of the battery and whether the battery is connected in the vehicle.

Integrated electronics include protection from overheating or overloading and will automatically decrease the charging current. Once the internal temperature decreases to a safe level, the charger will resume normal charging.

Safety timers protect at every stage. If the battery voltage does not reach a certain voltage within a certain time, the unit will stop charging as it is highly likely the battery is severely discharged or heavily sulphated. If any of the stages time out, the charger will immediately stop charging to protect the battery. This will be indicated with the fault LED flashing slowly.

Short circuit and reverse polarity protection if output leads are connected in reverse polarity or accidentally touch together. The chargers will automatically turn off if the output leads are short circuited and the fault LED will come on.

A further unique advantage is the ECO Mode. This ultra-low power mode consumes minimal energy if the charger is permanently connected to an AC supply and the battery disconnected.

All products carry a 2 year warranty and are distributed from Battery Town throughout New Zealand.