Deep Cycle batteries are great for meeting the power requirements of your accessories. Ensuring that your deep cycle battery has the capacity necessary for your equipment is important.

We have developed our Deep Cycle calculator to help you decide on the battery solution that best fits your needs.

Simply enter the power consumption in Watts for each of your devices along with the anticipated usage per day and we will present you with the best matching battery from our extensive range.

Terms & Conditions

Information entered will help determine the appropriate size of your required battery. This calculator is to be used for 12-volt lead acid battery setup and used as a guideline only.

The calculation is based on daily consumption and assumes daily recharging with sufficient power to boost batteries back to fully charged. Failure to do so will lead to premature failure of the batteries.

Caution needs to be taken when swapping Flooded lead acid batteries for AGM and ensure that suitable ventilation and circulation air is available so the battery can disperse heat.

Always check batteries to ensure they are fully charged when not in use.

Due to not having a complete understanding of the application batteries should be specified and installed by a qualified business. This calculator cannot be used for larger systems and or complex addons which need to be setup by a qualified business.

Equipment/ Device name

Number of Devices

Power consumption (Watts)

Usage time per day (Hours)